The Silvercrest Experiment Box Set

In Volume One, Sid Singleton relates his strange, twisted story. He's an amnesiac zombie hunter and taco addict with a past that won't leave him alone. The set includes the bonus story Spewing Hot Zombies.

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The Silvercrest Experiment

A creature-feature sci fi series with a dark sense of humor. Paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

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Welcome to the Zombie Mill by Albert Aykler


Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Meet Sid Singleton

A one of a kind, amnesiac, zombie killing, taco lover who keeps waking up at the latest location zero for Silvercrest's pandemic mishaps. He spends his every waking moment trying to escape the worst kind of people and not all of them are infected.

Infectious Fun

If you liked Evil Dead and Zombieland, keep finding yourself re-re-rewatching classics like Night of the Living Dead and Toxic Avenger, and dried your eyeballs out tearing through books like World War Z and Feed then you will feel right at home with Sid as he wrestles with the ravenous side effects of The Silvercrest Experiment.

Albert Aykler

Albert Aykler

Albert Aykler lives and writes as a nomad whose remaining connections with the country of his birth are largely digital in nature. Many of his works began as he dwelt in obscure seclusion in the American Northwest while recovering from a period of corporate servitude not unlike that of the characters attempting to survive the horrors and indignities of the world of the Silvercrest Experiment Series.

Find out more about me and talk at me on Twitter, Reddit, Bookbub, Goodreads, or my Amazon Author Profile.