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The first book in a series about what happens when human crimes meet machine justice on a frontier planet where might has made right for 300 years.

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Albert Aykler

Albert Aykler

I write to stay sane and entertain myself. Every one of my books is an experiment. Can I make a story about that? Would anyone read it? How would it work? Could I enjoy writing that enough to finish it? None of these books has been sent through the traditional publishing grind. I didn’t figure they would fit anywhere, but I believe they are worth a read to the people that are willing to take the chance. They’re meant to entertain, but the narrators always learn a thing or two along the way and try to share that with the reader.

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The Silvercrest Experiment

A creature-feature sci fi series with a dark sense of humor. Paperback and Kindle on Amazon.



Volume One Box Set

Sid Singleton relates his strange, twisted story. He's an amnesiac zombie hunter and taco addict with a past that won't leave him alone. The set includes the first three books plus Spewing Hot Zombies.

Cinco de Zombie by Albert Aykler book cover

Welcome to the Zombie Mill by Albert Aykler


Book One

Book Two

Book Three